Food for third eye?

What foods do you recommend for the third eye?

I have been eating hot dogs and potatoes lately! Are those 2 things good for the third eye?

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Fasting, actually :smiley:

Sorry :woman_shrugging:


What you eat doesn’t matter lol, if anything it’ll just be a placebo effect.

What’s Fasting? Someone said this before in EA’s lives stream

abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, especially as a religious observance.

I’m not an expert but I’ve read and learned that you want to avoid any and all fluoride if you wish to decalcify your third eye. Also have been lead to believe that eating a plant based diet is best for activating the third eye. Just from what I’ve learned. And I may have been mislead but I feel way better being a vegetarian and using fluoride free toothpaste and water. Hope this helps a bit.

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The calcification is of the pineal gland in the center of the brain. Fluoride is highly poisonous, it’s not super related, but just best avoided, ideally.


Fasting is just not eating for a period of time. Theres a lot of health benefits to fasting.

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Not true man , if you eat junk and processed food , your visualization skills and overall energy will tank, a healthy diet containing foods that give energy and more pure form and vibrate at a higher frequency will benefit ones third eye greatly

Fasting is abstaining from any calories or food , your body will start to use up all the junk in your body as energy once you get to a certain point in the fast ,


The pineal gland is your third eye. As I’ve learned it.

Wrong, I eat whatever I want and my third eye is fine. Your eating habits only matter in this if you make them matter in which case you placebo or nocebo yourself.

High or low frequency doesn’t matter on the third eye either, that’s nonsense many of you clung to because it’s the only excuse someone can use as to why they are too lazy to practice. Vibrations high or low doesn’t equate to a working 3rd eye.

Well my experience differs greatly , healthy energies and food translates into healthy chakras and pineal

The “third eye” is an energy center under the chakra system.
The pineal glad is a physical gland.
They’re related but not quite the same thing. Everybody has a pineal gland, not everyone uses the chakra system to have an “ajna chakra”.


As I said, your belief that it matters affects it. You believe it matters so it will matter and affect you in a way that you believe it matters.

I guess but I never solidified that belief or gave it much thought rather than observed that when I fasted or ate healthy I could visualize things as if they were in front of me and my intuition was more intune

OP, I think you should just enjoy the damn food and not think about this. :smiley: If you want to open the third eye, consider something more valuable for it like developing your energy etc.


I feel it more clearer when I eat healthy (veggies etc.) or fast and drink water. When I eat garbage (have not in a while) I feel less receptive.


Oooh. Gotcha!:+1:

Souls…eat some astral things…u will see some stuff when u close ur eyes…and u thought our worlds seem fucked up XD