Follow The Guidance Of Magick

Voice Of Magick.

I have heard the voice of magick it has guided me to find some amazing things, question is how can you hear the voice of magick.


Go outdoors, best place you can do this is a forrest or the woods.
As you walk focus on your breath, listen to the wind, feel the life in the ground.
As you breathe feel the forces of nature breathe with you.

Don’t just connect to nature either, feel the energy in the air. Buzzing all around you, the lifeforce in the air.

Feel the earth move, feel your connection of the chakras of your feet every step you take feel the currents of energy move with you.

Feel the forces of magick everywhere, not only in the environment, in the ground, in the sky and in yourself.

Simply say in your mind
“I call out to the forces of magick, guide me”.

Feel the forces all around you and within you flow as one current, through the crown chakra.
The voice of magick will begin to guide you, either through intuition of where to go.

Sometimes it will pull you like a magnetic force, like a push and pull. You may even hear the actual internal voice be manipulated by the forces around you telling you where to go.

You may even spontaneously just know what to do, just trust in yourself.

I often do this to find certain herbs, stones for vessels, I even ask the voice of magick to find me a stream of water or a river for gateway.

What ever you ask for is up to you, for example when I asked for the voice of magick to take me somewhere to do a ritual.

I found a hut abandoned hand made, with a log in its centre to sit on. I then used that place to do certain magickal operations.

This can also be used to locate thin spots, or natural gateways in nature.

I taught this to a few of my apprentices too, the spirits of the land even came to him to aid.

Try it it’s simple yet it’s profound.



If only I could do this…

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