Foil Method of Opening Sigils

I’ve heard the “foil method” referenced by different sources as an effective way to charge sigils. Can someone please explain how to use that method? I have not had luck with sigils at all and am happy to try any new ways to success.


Is that a use of 18k gold leaf, or the use of Aluminum Alfoil used in cooking, Kurtis Joseph swares by using Gold leaf.


I have never heard of the “foil method.”

The only use of foil I am aware of, when dealing with spirit seals, is wrapping the charged seals in foil so their energies don’t run rampant through your life. The foil acts as a sort of Faraday cage.

In what sources have you seen foil referenced as a charging method, rather than a containment method?


The first was a YouTube site “The Sigil”. That lead me to the Black Witch website but I didn’t find anything there on it. It was referenced in a class being offered by the Black Witch but I don’t want to drop $197 just to learn what it is. I was hoping one of you guys could enlighten me. My internet searches have revealed nothing.

I hope this copied link of the YouTube video works.


Umm, that’s a good question. I’m hoping it’s regular aluminum foil. I really couldn’t afford to go all Martha Stewart up in here.


Sorry, I’ve never heard of it in all my reading and learning, so it must be an originally derived method, possibly spirit given. I’d be interested in learning about it myself.

IKR? In the video he describes what it does for him but not really anything about the method’s set-up. I subscribed to the Black Witches YouTube channel months ago and have not come across any reference to this before. As sigil opening is the butt-kicker in my journey right now, I’ve been researching this for quite a while and experimenting with different methods trying to find one that works for me. I would have noticed this one before.

I’ve emailed the gentleman in the video asking for further clarification or a reference source. So far I’ve not received a response - thus my request to the BALG family.


Kurtis Joseph is a class act for sure!


Never heard of any foil method but I’ve used a silver metallic marker on back paper and draw the sigil there. I’ve found that this is much easier for me to use than black ink on white paper. In less than a minute, I would start seeing the lines disappear randomly and it appearing as though theres a shadow beneath some of the lines. Im not sure if this the ‘foil method’.


Well according to the video you linked, all he did was get a piece of aluminium foil, put it under the sigil on your left hand, and go as normal from there. Not harm in trying that and seeing what happens. Maybe something else will come to you intuitively once you’ve started?


Oh, so it still involves sinking into trance as usual?

I didn’t watch the video, but that makes sense. I’m not certain then what purpose the foil would serve :thinking:

I wonder if it is the same idea as the “flashing” complementary colours used in Hermetics…


Is that all? I hope as thinking there was something on the foil or that you wrapped it in foil afterward. It just seemed vague to me. I guess once again I’m overthinking it.

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That does sound cool though. I’ll try your way too.


The only foil method I know of is in math


I received a reply to my email written to the owner of The Sigil site on Wordpress. He couldn’t share the information about the foil method because it is owned by the Black Witch Coven and uniquely theirs. I guess I’ll have to take the $197 online course to find out.


Complex and ostentatious for the sake of seeming over the top.

You don’t even need sigils or, indeed, anything else if you have a good imagination.

81 candles placed in 9 circles of nine candles, placed at the corresponding directions for the nine gatekeepers.

36,000 dollars speant obtaining precious metals to enscribe the sigils of each spirit.

A circle made of chalk mixed with gold powder, blood from a virgin, and tears of a whore.

The perfect time of day, 9:41 p.m. on Tuesday.

A complex blend of 18 herbs and flowers.

Fasted for 4 days.

A meticulously drawn triangle of manifestation.

A meticulously drawn summoning circle.

Okay, now i can finally call on one single spirit to accomplish one task, one time.

Meanwhile, I’m in my underwear, staring at a printed sigil, getting better results.


Wait… i need pants now too?


Hell, pants with spcial sigils embroidered by a 13th degree preiestess of the Tar’jan’oth tribe.

A shirt of unicorn hair.

And 8 talismans embedded in a Wand of Smiting that was hand forged by 3 angels that were singing John Denvers “Thank God I’m a Country Boy.”


Funny you mentioned 9:41, after working with Lucifer, I keep seeing it everywhere


Do the numerology on that time…


In Numerology , the Number 5 is a living dynamo.