Foggy brain

i always had a foggy brain and i am sick of it,anything to cure it?maybe a demon?or a mantra? any advice?

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Meditation often resolves this kind of problems.
I had similar once, and by reading and maditating I have resolved.
I used to concentrate my mind, that was the only way to achieve my momentary goals (reading and maditating)

what kind of books do you suggest?

Every kind of books, except children books.
If you’re studying a foreign language, read books in that language to focus your mind.
Or books from movie you like.
You’re training your mind, so use also imagination to recreate the written events.

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I usually take CoQ10 for those days. Dosnt work all day though… matcha green tea works like a charm if you don’t mind the taste :nauseated_face:

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ok i readed that it can remove the toxins,i think toxins might be a reason for brain fog too

thank you!