Fog like appearance

Hello everyone,
During my meditation, I asked spirit to confirm whether the work I’ve done moments earlier will be effective today. If so, I humbly request to appear to me in the 3D. Otherwise, don’t appear if it’s not going to happen.

At this time, I’m in a small closet with the lights off and one black candle that I lit earlier. My eyes were open and after 20 seconds, a fog like mist appeared and it was yellow. It flowed away from me and it looked like it flowed downward, like a waterfall. As it got to the edge, the yellow fog turned green to light green.

Above this was a blue circle about 10 inches in circumference with a purple colored fog behind it.

The blue circle disappeared and the purple fog remained. As it was fading away, a face appeared, but for 3 seconds. I could only make out high cheek bones, a nose and chiseled jaw line. I could make out a friendly smirk. At the same time, I feel a soft friendly shake on my mid section.

Question… What the heck was that?

Thank you in advanced.

Might’ve been the spirit , I assume you would’ve been in a trance to see such a thing

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Out of curiosity who did you ask?



You got what, you fucking asked for dammit