Focusing on negative makes your life worse? How does that work?

So I was rewatching EAs most recent video called “What personal growth means” and he was saying something like depending on what your thoughts are You change your reality? And all these things happen for you, NOT to you. So basically is he saying if you live a stressful life adjust your thoughts by saying you live a great life and then you will have that kind of life? So think positive not negative?..right?


in my understand yes. My dad used to say “happiness is state of mind”


The stressful stuff happens for you as challenges to make you stronger. Things improve from there . . .


I think basically it comes down to…things happen to break you down and then build you up…like Basic Training! See those things for what they are and think positively because these things are building you into someone awesome. Don’t let them keep breaking you down…because then, I think that would be counter productive to what’s supposed to be happening.


I get annoyed at having some arguments or minor accidents etc., while my life stays the same. But afterwards I think that if I want to, let’s say, be an entrepreneur and have a relationship I’m going to have a somewhat complex life, so the above is a sort of training.
Anyways I watched that video… victim-manifestator-channeler-state of being / to me-for me-through me-as me… interesting and potentially helpful.

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