Focus on your goal VS let it happen philosophy

I red many times to let magick happen, but I have also red many times to focus on your goal, to imagine you already have achieved it.
Now, my questions is: what is your philosophy and why.
I’ve always been one of the “focus on you and pursue your goals/dreams” because I’ve always seen results acting this way.
I have also thought about focus on the primary stadium of the ritual/magick, and then let it happen just to mix the two philosophy


I think I had a discussion on this previously. I think as long as you concentrate on what comes as a result of the success of what you have done and NOT on the spell or evocation or whatever you did or think about how it will happen that should be fine.


I think it depends on the situation. Sometimes I have the feeling I have to let go to stay on the right path because “everything that happens has its meaning” but then I know you have to act to get something… believe in your intuition

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I’m more inclined to focusing on the goals; and, in particular, to work intensively over various days vs doing the operation once.
Anyway, yes, a contemporary hermeticist in one of his books wrote something like “To let things happen is the greatest secret of magic”.

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I feel it can be situational, there are times when you need to do both as well.
Focus on your end goal and cast it out then avoid dwelling on it. I agree that thinking on the end result is fine but anything else could seed doubt, impatience, or anxiety.


Focusing on a goal has always given me more satisfying results. Letting it happen can be helpful sometimes though.

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Focusing on your goal could lead to two possible outcomes… first, nothing. second, achieving your goal. The key here is to take action towards your goal or at least take advantage of all possible opportunities.

In magick, focusing on the end-result is the most important factor… but in itself, is not enough to cause the desired “manifestation” or attraction. A specific system, which is proven to produce results, must be applied. That’s why we have all those types of magickal systems… chaos magick, ceremonial magick, hoodoo, wiccan witchcraft… and may others.

Once a specific system and technique is chosen and used…I believe we must be aware of two different mindsets that we should have. First is the mindset of the creator… the one who creates and shapes his own reality. This state of mind should always be present at the time of performing any ritual. Once the ritual is done, the second mindset or mental state should be activated… the state of acceptance and receiving, knowing that now you’re not the creator but part of creation itself, and to manifest your desired goal, life or the all or god, could and will use you as an element to manifest that goal in your life.

Staying in the mindset of “the creator” all the time, could eventually lead to self-resistance. And instead of helping us get what we want, it would cause the opposite… prevent us from getting what we want or worse, making it harder to get.

It’s said many times that once you finished working on manifesting your goal, you should forget about it. For me, this is not necessary as long as I"m in the correct mindset. I can and should observe and check the results of my work… expect it to happen and make sure that at least, the process of creation already started. Once this is confirmed to me, I would let it go and allow the universe to take care of the rest.


The idea for me is while casting said spell or working with said entity to already be in thethankful mindset of already having what you want. This 10x more powerful if u can visualize already having it with all senses. For example with money imagine smelling it, feeling it, hearing it as you count it out, and yes even tasting it…

But now after the spell or invocation is done… forget it the is the practice of letting go.


I believe the two are separate aspects of the same end goal. The spiritual and the physical work in tandem together, so optimal way to do things is to perform the ritual, then mostly fuck off and let the spirits do their thing, but also pursue your goal physically in every way possible. Doing this avoids the pitfall of being passive and making spirits do all the work, as well as, empowering your ritual even more, with the will you exude pursuing your goal physically.

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Those are steps of the same ladder.
You Focus on your goal,
you imagine having it allready achieved.
You make it aware to your own senses as clear as you can.
You then let go of it and allow it to happen in the real world around you.
There wouldn’t be anything to happen without setting it.
Remember the old video’s from E.A. where he so lovely goes:
Set it!
And forgett it!!

Demonic influence,
Posession can actually be refocusing while managing your inner and outer perception to adjust it to something new.
However, those aren’t direct sorcery, where the magician does the whole magickal action on his own.
One of the huge reasons why most people get into it with a mindset like “rubbing the lamp until the djinni comes out and furfilles the wish told to him”,
is Demonic assistence and guidance is used by most sorcery.
At least to me, there isn’t many cases known, where a Sorcery purely acts and works out of their own pool of Energy and doesn’t interact with unincarnated beings, but yet, cast’s true miracles into existence. :wink:



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I take both stances in certain contexts.

I actively focus on my long and short term goals but when i aim my magick at said goal i let the results manifest as they will and my skull out of the way and redirect my focus on the actions on this plane i need to take. After a certain amount of time usally 3-6 months I’ll check my notes and see if there has been any movement and what kind and plan accordingly for my next step.