Focus / kaleidoscope

Something I often return to and deeply agree with is the thought of an antihierarchical life. I think one of the biggest illusions a person, of any kind, can have, is the belief that he/she/they are climbing up the ladder of some very well-structured hierarchy. Because this illusion can easily be one consisting of being hijacked by the language of the ladder, and the journey will then become machine-like. To focus in this sense of being “inside” a hierarchy, literally with an elevator, is to compose without acknowledging the necessity, and reality, of improvisation. Control is then mistaken for power. I sometimes think about changing this by adding the word kaleidoscopic to focus. This is not to dismiss the importance of structure, but to point to the dangers of being blinded, to the point where someone often says, that they cannot find their path, as if it is something that should be handed to them. A path is always a choice. A choice you forge for yourself. And sometimes you just throw that choice into the fire.

Maybe someone has some thoughts on this. I would love to hear them.

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