Understand the seriousness of working with Duke Focalor. Focalor is a good spirit to work with if you want to protect or destroy someone. Focalor is hard to Evoke and is not for beginners.
Do not attempt evoking him for minor problems unless your life is threatened. If you want to learn more about Focalor message me. (:slight_smile:


So I wanted to know is that thing about killing men real or fake or I misunderstood it? x,x :0

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He can cause people to die


What did you offer to him?
Thanks for your time!

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LadyVenom, pm sent. Hope you can help. TIA

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Did he tell you he doesn’t like to be evoked for minor things? I don’t have a problem,I just want to start a relationship and maybe if your close you could ask if he would like that🙂


Interestingly, there is a lay Catholic movement called “Focolare.” I guess there is a common root in some language or another.

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I just noticed this as well since Focalor was either to be next or someone else since the dream was cryptic I had with Buer. In fact I may very well go with Belphegor instead or first. 1000000000000066600000000000001 being his number. Not exactly the order of 10101010 etc I saw in the dream but close. Fo calor… phegor Falor

But this group popped up upon me searching the web.

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Why is it only when your life is threatened and not for constant betrayal?