Some here who have experiences with Focalor as a ward?
Let me hear your experiences.

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Focalor as a ward!? Yeah that’s cool… are you astrologically a fish sign or dominant water? It might work. Is her element.

so who you wanna kill? that seems to be the go to goal with focalor. lol don’t be ashamed. many have baneful magick thoughts on those that deserve it. As for the success rate. i don’t know. many don’t have enough rage/anger to make the spell follow through. :man_shrugging:

Goetia states that Focolar also can protect the magician.

Yes he can protect you from malicious magick that is targeted towards you

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your no fun!! lol. Or use this other specialty of his. "He has control over all of the wealth and treasures of the world. "

all the demons can protect to some extent but not all will cause harm/death.

Gosh I DO like the way that sounds…

now we just gotta figure out how to get him to share those wealth freely without giving something up. lol

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Nah let’s see what he wants… couple drops of blood, a painting, tobacco,wine,song, I’m definitely down…

I have trouble believing Lucifuge Rofocale is Focalor. It just doesn’t add up to any more than the name. And I also have trouble believing he is really a killing spirit


no one wise cares for beliefs. you just cast spells and test it out. that’s only way to know for sure.

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It’s not about belief, its the doubt that people give legit information. That’s why I investigated Beelzebuth and found him not to be a monstrous entity like BALG authors love portraying.

I’m saying that notion on Focalor has no real grounds.


i don’t care what people say. i go for spells telling me truth. i don’t believe everything i read. some don’t matter. does it matter he’s also known as another name as Lucifuge Rofocale? no.

People get too much into philosophy. practical people care if entity can help better their life. tons of entity with different names. why bother or be bog down by their identity? many cultures have different names for the same entity spirit.

belief is illusion. don’t be trap in it so much. you can easily change a belief just by saying it’s not true.

whatever info others tells you or where ever info you read is their truth. it’s not yours. unless you want it to be.

one’s life revolve around oneself. each person have their own truth. it’s true to them cuz they experience it according to their view and their ideals.

you may have trouble believing focalor is lucifuge but others may not.

and you said you have trouble him being killing spirit. so i suggest to cast spell and find if it’s true for yourself rather than just accepting a belief that he’s not a killing spirit.

to find if it’s true. just test test test. rather than just say he’s not a killing spirit.

for me, i tend to leave things open. they say something about a demon being such and such. ok. i’ll give it benefit of the doubt until i work with them to test if it’s true.

That’s called having no clarity, not perception of truth. You know it’s possible for a person to have their head too far up their own ass to think clearly?

And I have called on him. He’s a dignities and emotion spirit. he can cause insanity by weakness of will.


so that’s your experience. your truth. it don’t mean others have that same experience. Others may have all the experience that you say he’s not.

And that’s why i suggest test it out often by casting spells instead of taking other’s word for it.

All the listed powers for demons that is listed in the GOM books is a compilation among the members . they found same info with working with demons and compared their experiences. It’s not the end all be all list of their powers.

no. truth is anything a person experience. that’s true to them. that’s their reality. It dont mean that whatever they experience isn’t in conflict with physical reality of nature. that’s where people go insane and mental . they don’t have balance of physical world and their mental world.

have you studied NLP or hypnosis? cuz those field explains how mind process events in life.

i see that too. that’s why i suggest people test instead of just take whatever they read as truth. lots of exaggerations. lots don’t have focus. all over the place. they don’t do diligence to learn. they just jump into the pool. which is why i suggest they learn basics and safety precaution first before casting any spells they read up on.

People are lazy to learn. they want fast food route with magick. it ain’t gonna happen. magick can’t be fast food route.

if you doubt something. test it out. if you don’t want to test it out . then let info go cuz it’s wasted effort to dwell that you doubt some kind of info.

I don’t see black magicians in real life so i guess i’m lucky. haha. maybe my own natural instinct that i stay clear of them. i’m pretty good with screening people.

Anything is good discussion if put in the right context.

Nice…good info thx for sharing that tidbit.

Or andras or Marquis Leraje. Those would be my personal go to guys for killing.