Flying Ointments

Anyone use the blackartsfoundry ointments on here? I’ve used the Saturn one and Belladonna. Belladonna put me in a place between being asleep and awake, but I had trouble staying there. The Saturn ointment did nothing for me but I’m in love with the Belladonna.

I have the Belladonna and mandrake. I love them both.
I’ve been using Belladonna to fly to the sabbat, and she’s lasted over a year now. Half way through, so I suspect she’ll last yet another turn ofthe wheel.

Mandrake is the one I want to try next.

Okay call me stupid if you want, but can I ask what you two are talking about?

Black Arts Foundry makes them but the store is closed until August.

The legends of witches travelling on brooms to Sabbaths are greatly overexaggerated,and the legends of their substance abuse are exaggerated too.

The Book of Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage,describes the encounter in which Abraham of Worms met a witch,who gave him an unguent and rubbed her skin with it.

She supposedly fell to the floor,and soul traveled to wherever,and appeared dead for like three hours.When she came back,she recounted to him her experience.

And then,Christians heard that witches don’t really fly around on broomstics(if they did,there’d a whole subforum devoted to it here) and how they actually rubbed flying ointments,Christians blew things way out of proportion…again.

Describing the flying ointments as being ‘‘made out of the fat of babies murdered in Satan’s name’’(which it so is not) and administered by having them…um…rub an oily tip of a broom into their…um…private parts.

Safe to say,all of these legends are exaggerated and flying ointments are just ordinary herbs that facilitate astral projection and enable access to wherever witches went.

I have yet to use flying ointments,and doubt that I will any time soon,so I cannot speak from experience.But I will inquire,

You’re talking about Mandrake root,and Belladonna,I know from a place,that Henbane is good too.According to Pliny,it was used by the oracles of Apollo for visions,and it is the sacred herb of Hekate,as the dog is her sacred animal.

However,I think most kinds of Nightshades(Solanaceae) are known for being used for flying ointments.

Again,can’t really speak from experience here.Sorry if this input is unhelpful.

Questing For Visions by E.A. has some recipes for flying ointments if you are feeling froggy and want to make it yourself.