Flying ointments

This topic keeps popping up, Orismen did a really nice review the other day, and I keep getting that “buzz” I sometimes have when something screams out to me. So, I was hoping some of you would discuss your experiences with the ointments, I know Eoui has some first hand knowledge that I’d like to hear but anyone is welcome to chime in. I’m interested in the following:

  • What are your experiences using ointments in regards to projecting out of the body / lucid dreaming enhancement / shamanic journeying versus you doing it without. What’s the difference in your view?

  • Do you feel evocation/invocation work is enhanced? In what way?

  • Do different herbal mixes do different things for you? Anything that doesn’t do much?

  • What’s the difference between higher doses vs moderate doses? (I ask because the tools I’ve used often tend to push me way beyond the human perspective, up to the point that these days I don’t fuck with anything save a few glasses of wine)

  • Lastly, is there a seller you recommend or do you brew your own?

Higher doses can poison you depending on the potency of the poisons.
Black Foundry is the only legit seller as far as I know. I haven’t seen anyone else selling proper ointments. Most everyone else is trying to sell Bullshit ointments, without the poisons.anythingmarketed as “100% safe” is Bullshit and should be avoided.

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Thanks for the info Euoi, that saves me time checking out other sellers. Which one’s do you prefer?

I’ve only used the Belladonna one so far. But, as I’ve said before, I’ll be brewing one of henbane.

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