Flying ointment tingz

anyone know where to find flying ointment for lucid dreaming like where I can buy it?? And how I would use it for lucid dreaming?

I personally would recommend trying mugwort (as long as you aren’t allergenic to ragweed) or yarrow (no more than a tablespoon in an 8 oz. Mug. It’s quite bitter and does contain Lithium) instead of flying witch ointment. There is a lot less of a chance of ending up dead or in the hospital, as a majority of the traditional recipes for flying witch ointment use very toxic plants. There is also the issue if the person you buy it from is also knowledgable of them and maintains quality (seen some shakiness in the past). You can make a tea of either one and drink before bed. But I am sure you can find the ointment online somewhere. Use caution though, paying attention to the ingredients, where it is coming from and any interaction they may have with any medication you are taking. You may find some balms made with alternative plants

Lucid dreaming is a skill that won’t be developed by consuming/absording the plants in itself but they can help relax your body and mind to help you fulfill it. I would start by pushing your intention to become aware when you dream into the tea as you make it and again as you lay your head down to go to sleep. Or you can take a more shamanic approach and ask the elder spirits of the plant to help you learn how to develop the skill. It may take a some tries but once it’s there, you got it. Keep a journal of your dreams and experiments, as it will help you make improvements. I hope this helps in some way. If I came off snarky or judgmental, I apologize. I just have had some friends get pretty sick off the stuff in the past, including some more knowledgable of plants than I am.


@Dralukmun what if I look for non-toxic flying ointment would that be a better approach and less deadly ?

You could give it a try, it may work for you.

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