Flying in Lucid Dream

Flying in a dream is beyond fantastic in feeling and experience. I’ve had flying dreams before but they’ve never been like the one I had this morning. In this dream of flight I was sitting on a regular seat facing sideways and there was this tall curved staff that was attached to the seat that I had my left hand wrapped on it. I was flying over a mountain road and I was aware of being in control of where my flying chair went. At one point I wanted to get back down to the road and I did. The flying chair stayed by my side.
Has anyone else had an experience with a flying chair? I’m going to draw it or try to and will post it.

I can’t draw but here’s a picture of the flying seat.

No but i have flown on all sorts of things. I flown on planks, using them as wings, broomsticks, empty bottles xD, i flown a car,on a skateboard, etc

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It’s fun isn’t it?

Yeah its fun but after a while you might want to progress spiritually using lucid dreams, and Fun isnt interesting anymore, to me atleast

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I usually take off like I’m Superman, or like the way dragon ball characters fly. It’s an exhilarating feeling but—instead of directing my mind—I sometimes try to move my real body which ruins it for me.

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