Flushing petition?

Just performed a few petitions for the current energies. Unfortunately they did want to burn so I had no choice but to flush them down the toilet. I feel bad.

One was to a totem animal and the other to a Wrathful Deva and there were sigils on both. Understand I have no choice. It’s very dangerous in my town to go out at night and the fire didn’t wanna burn. So I tore the petition and flushed it down not in a disrespectful way.

Anyway, I feel calm and good but hope I didn’t tick the spirit off.

Thanks in advance

It should be fine, but if you hold fear about offending the entity by flushing, next time just cast the pieces to the wind.


I should have done it :thinking:

I think it was received well by the deity though.


I did a petition today to Goddess Philotes, wrote it in a yellow gel pen, signed in blood (used diabetic pen) and set it on fire, it burned up quicker then the others lol. Though usually when I burn them I also ‘flush’ then down the sink the ashes.

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I had to flush it down the toilet cause my sink well it can be problematic at times.

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The Spirits were cool with it and told me to stop worrying and continue with my tasks. To anyone on this thread, the spirits are not blind. They understand your situation and if say flushing your spell down a toilet is the only solution, they’ll still help you. Pretty awesome.