Flowers (Introduction)

I’m new to all of this!!! I’ve never practiced magic, voodoo or anything like that I just know I’ve been thrown a lot of evil and a lot of bad juju in my life so I’m super open minded aah here I am ^-^ I’m interested in the magick, the relations with the incubus or succubus whichever one mostly in the universal everything I love learning about the meaning of life and the magic behind everything … I’m wanting to use all of this to better my life I’m kind of a loner and a loser in life I’m hoping I get some good vibes and good energies from everything and everyone here because I plan on using some of this for my future…

Welcome to the forum.

I’ve edited your title and added “introduction” to it so people will know that is what this is.

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Welcome Xminiac, you wii find a lot of knowlege and peoples willing to help here :slight_smile: