Florida water?

So I keep seeing Florida water in all these spells. I live in Florida can I just use the tap water or water from the intercostal or ocean? Thanks

No, Florida water is specifically charged, consecrated water. It doesn’t matter where you get it from.

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You can purchase florida water at any Botanica and some drug stores, it would be with inexpensive perfumes, its considered to some degree to be a cologne. While it can be purchased there are ways to make it.
I have my own recipe that is basically one whole orange peel, 7 bay leaves, a palmful of cloves, a dash of Jamaican allspice, three lodestones, denatured alcohol, rum, and water.
First I set the orange peel, cloves, bay leaf, allspice, and lodestones in a jar and I pour just a enough denatured alcohol to cover all herbs and the peel, not very much, make sure everything is well mashed in the bottom of your jar before pour the alcohol, let it sit for 1 full day, its going to smell pungent, strain the herbs from the alcohol.
Once the alcohol is separated add 3 portions of rum equal to the amount of your herbally infused denatured alcohol, and then two portions of water that are also equal to the herbally infused denatured alcohol.
Remove the three load stones from your herbal leftovers and drop them in whatever you use to contain your Florida Water.


I feel a little dumb for not looking that up, ha. Thank you for sharing I will definitely make my own!

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