Flora's Tarot Journal

I’m going to learn the tarot once and for all!

This is a journal of all my readings and how I’ve interpreted them. Feel free to pipe in if you’d wish. I need to learn and I will be trying something different every day. I have three decks – the Ryder-Waite, the Cat Tarot, and the “After Tarot”. I will not be starting out with the After Tarot as it seems very advanced.

I also have the Demonic Tarot in the mail. (:

First Reading:

I know I should be learning with the Ryder-Waite (which I do have…), but I couldn’t resist this adorable cat-themed deck.

When I use it, I have an irresistible urge to talk to the cards as if they’re actually cats. When I draw the cards, I go “psst psst psst kitty kitty kitty” and I pet the kitties and thank them for their help. I have also caught myself playfully scolding the cards before. “No! Bad kitty! No bites!” I really do treat them like actual cats.

This is a reading I’ve done for myself and an individual I am interested in.

On the level of my conscious mind: Strength

My love interest and I are currently exes. We have not spoken since February. He is seeing another woman. Nevertheless, I persist. I have not yet decided to give up on him, and this card reflects my determination.

Perhaps this kitty is also suggesting that I may be prone to toying with him.

On the level of his conscious mind: Ace of Wands

Despite being broken up, I feel like this card is suggesting that he may still see potential in our relationship. If not that, perhaps he just sees the potential of us being friends, or still believes in me? Is this card representative of his hopes for our future?

Maybe he sees me as a plaything as well? Maybe we have both been toying with each other. Maybe eventually he plans to “catch” me?

On the level of my emotions: Three of Swords
I am heartbroken. I feel a great sense of loss at the end of our relationship.

But… the hearts here aren’t completely destroyed. They can be salvaged. Kitty may be trying to nom on them, but kitty can be chased away.

On the level of his emotions: Two of Wands
This is just a little kitty. Maybe his feelings for me are currently very minimal. Maybe they could grow in the future. Maybe he’s planning how he’s going to come back into my life. Maybe he’s planning to never come back.

On the level of my behaviour: Judgement.
This kitty is determined and knows what it wants. This kitty relates back to strength. I haven’t given up yet. I am still pursuing this man.

On the level of his behaviour: The Lovers
Does this suggest that he is in love with me, or someone else? Is this a suggestion that he is having sex with another woman to keep his mind off of me? Does he love her? Does he just want to be friends

Relationship Status: The World
This one has tripped me up a lot. Does this just mean that it is over and I will never see him again? Or does it mean that things are coming full-circle and I will see him again?

My next reading will be a relationship reading that I can ask the second party about. :slight_smile:


Wow those cards are so totally awesome!
I want a cat tarot ASAP :heart_eyes:

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