Floorplan 4 Balanced Sanctum

Maybe I am not using the right searchwords. Anyway.
I am trying to work with the Demonic Hierarchy used in Complete Book of Demonolatry by S. Connolly. I have asked but they have issues if their may be info in one of her/their books, and you ask a question which might be in one of them they will pretty much ignore you and maybe if your lucky refer you to one of the books, but mostly ignore. Kinda a bs tactic imho. so, Is there anyone here working with the Dukante Hierarchy; and if so; is it possible to describe or direct me to a image which could show a layout of a Balanced Floorplan. As there are 9 to work with, kinda confused. But I am very sure I do not have a balanced situation, and want to correct it asap.
I am getting help on working to contact Belial; and hoping balancing my Sanctum will help.
Also- I also need to begin working to contact Odin. It has been an issue for some time, do I have to disassemble the room- or can I add to it,; Redesign it?

I’m not using the Dukante system, but I have read some about it. If you’re already in contact with your patron, or even a daemonic mentor you could ask for their guidance. What works best for you individually may not be pure by the book trad. All those were at one time personal revelations that became common practice over time, as mentors shared what worked for them with others.