Floor Washes


Does anyone happen to know a floor wash I can use that will remove unwanted beings but not remove the demons I work with?

Thanks You.

One second I’ll come back with one.

Alright, so after doing some studying, here’s a video if you need one:

What I would do, is take the following herbs/ingredients:
Sage/Palo Santo
Red Brick Dust
Dragon’s Blood oil or Resin
Now, when you go to charge it, put the intention of solely removing negative entities, people, energy, etc rather than banishing all spirits.

The dragons blood will empower the spirits you work with, raise the vibration and protect the home, while the sage/Palo will banish and raise the vibration, the Rosemary will raise vibrations, protect and purify and finally the brick dust will protect.


Thanks !

I have used regular floor washes by LuckyMojo. That includes Buffalo Ammonia, Rose water, Chinese Wash and Four Thieves Vinegar. Demons seem to be just fine with those.
For cleansing, unjinxing and purification I recommend Chinese Wash or Buffalo Ammonia. If I remember right in traditional hoodoo you start washing your premises from back wall to the front door and then dispose the water outside. :slight_smile:

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