Floor cloth too big

i made a floor cloth, put alot of work into it, made on 6 ft x 9 ft canvas drop cloth. i notice now it is kinda too big for my Temple floor.

part of the issue is also that I have to use a small recliner to sit in, [my Throne] due to my back injuries and extreme pain getting on and off the floor.

So I am wondering, Why not just Drape the cloth over my Throne, then sit in it, would have about the same effect.

Any opinions ?

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I would go with that. In which case the cloth is suitably large enough :smiley:

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thanx i so over think shit!

Remember they are not “your back injuries”…this is a great step towards healing… Do not acknowledge disease as your own


Jus sayin

The solution is obvious. You must now renovate your entire house. That should solve the space issue. :+1:


I get the feeling to tell you this I don’t know why… Work on the fire element in your spirit and achieve some balance… Increase water and receive healing… Connect with the earth


O too be single !

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thanks, will do that!!