Floating Cities

I know this topic has nothing to do with magic techniques but i’m very very curious to hear opinions from everyone here.What the fuck is this?

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I couldn’t even finish the video, full of so much fail. Just clouds, optical illusion with the way the sun was hitting them. Keep in mind, youtube is full of bullshit videos, anytime you see a ufo, crypto, ghost, etc, take it with a huge grain of salt. They are fun to watch but for the most part a lot of those videos are faked or nutters seeing stuff that isn’t actually there.

Maybe you’re right.But they say that hundreds of people saw this event.

CNN reported on the Chinese video a few days ago.


First have any of these videos been professionally analyzed to insure they’re not fake? Secondly, where are the eyewitnesses of these cities? Thousands should have seen these and there should be tons of videos since practically everyone has a cell phone camera now. It’s fun to think it could be NASA or the DOD testing out its hologram technology and even more fun to think it could be a thinning of the veil between us and a parallel reality but I doubt it’s either. If I had to place my bets I would lay money that it’s all a hoax and much ado about nothing.

Hastings? That’s where dear old Uncle Al died. :wink:

I saw the imagery of a flying city back when I was “pregnant” with my demonic Child last year - I posted about it in some detail back then, here and this was the first time I described it:

The first time I saw this it was associated with a second-hand furniture shop, connected in my mind to the resonant phrase “second-hand ascent machines” which is a powerful concept.

Coincidence? lol!!!

I better sleep in my best nightie tonight, in case the Kindgom calls by our house…

Hastings Indiana? If so, I have seen a lot of strange unexplained shit in the sky in Indiana.

Hastings, England, where Aleister Crowley spent his final years.

Yep. Have had multiple dreams of Floating City. One was underground under a mountain, and then it somehow connected tk one in the sky. Another one was floating on the water and moving. These are all very old dreams I’ve had many years ago.