I think I’ve seen a similar discussion. But why do I have flies follow me and hang around me? Usually it’s just one at a time. They don’t get on my food or do anything bothersome and I think they’re a bit cute. But they’ll just chill on my sleeve or leg or the surface nearest to me. And just watch me. I died once and its been like that since. (Somehwhere around the last 18-20 years more or less.)

I even work in a food packing plant that’s well protected from bugs. And on a day where it was freezing a single fly still followed me into the room and stared at me from a pillar. I also feel a presence standing behind me, often. This has been more recent. Not a bad one though. More protective and parential feeling. And male. If I feel depressed I feel his hands upon my shoulders for a time and when I’m better the hands are removed… So anyone know what’s up with that?


Could be Beezlebub-Lord of flies
Lord of flies was used as a derogatory title however which he eventually took up and accepted for irony’s sake


I find deceased spirit attachments will cause you to hear flies that arent there.

Source: I angered a spirit once :frowning:


I believe that lord of flies was mistranslated from lord of all that flies


possibly, I’m not well-versed in the ancient names of the ancient gods


Unless you smell of poo (which I doubt) It will probably be a familiar of a spirit maybe? I have a similar issue with Frogs being everywhere.

I would go with Beezlebub and research this spirit, as I have heard of this before.

Interesting, keep us updated on your findings if you do evoke him

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I mean I did make a drawing of a succubus once. And named her Marcaria Beelze. She basically has skin thats a bit purple, sharp elfish ears, long white hair, some bat wing type things, red eyes, black lips and nails. The spade tail. And a crown of black horns (as in smooth black horns making a crown/tiara shape that curls back over her head.) I think Marcaria means “the blessed death”