Flies flying in Geometric shapes?

I’m watching two flies in my room, doing geometric shapes in their flight pattern, its almost like they are trying to spell something out,I’m just chilling in my pentagram where I’ve been meditating all night, this is weird, I’ve begun seeing bioluminescent like plankton in the air too wtf.

Don’t do drugs kidsXD

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But more serious than that maybe a fly deity or a plague deity?

I had the same experience about four years ago and I found it was beezlebub lord of the flies the flies do normally move in strange geometric trails if controlled by him evoke him and ask.


They always do that, their design won’t let them fly in curved lines (this was biology class at school, I don’t have a link) so they change route at angles to keep checking for new scents that might be food or whatever - I used to lie in my nan’s sofa in summer holidays as a kid watching the do their weird almost-like-spelling-things under the central lampshade, as she mowed the back garden… happy days. :sunglasses:


For what purpose?

Anyone get flies in the eye? Like a fly lierally trying to enter the right eye ( always the right for some reason)…