Flames switched from one candle to the other

I’m either tripping dick or something is up… I did a seduction working involving 3 red candles for the presence of the three spirits called on: Nades, Suradis, and Maniner from Talismans of the Sage of the Pyramids by Arthur Edward Waite.

Talisman II (a lot of people may recognize this from Magickal Seduction by Damon Brand)

Anyway, you’re supposed to let them burn down until they go out after. I left the room this morning with only one left going (one on the right) and when I came back it had gone out and the one in the middle was burning again… With wax in it again… Nobody was here to do anything to them and I certainly didn’t touch them.

I began the ritual on the evening of the New Moon and repeated for 5 nights. All went well though these candles burned for a loooooong time. I’d finished it 2 days ago and I’ve been letting them run through the evenings to get them to go out.

Has anyone ever had a flame “move candles” before from one to another? They’re in holders that could hold a big mixed drink, and the flames were 6 inches apart from each other partitioned by glass.

What do you read into this? Any pyromancers in the house?


Hmmm, maybe the whole candle moved position, rather than the flame jumping. Objects on my alter have changed position following a ritual, and I live alone, so no one could have moved anything.
That, or if a timeline changes, objects can also appear in different locations than you left them.
I don’t think you are tripping. Ain’t magick grand?


That’s not out of the realm of possibility. Cool way to view it.

All while my family is stoked about mormon general conference hahaha, I love this path


That is so ironically hilarious, your pursuits and your Mormon family. ha ha ha One of my hobbies is engaging in conversation with religious people. At least your candle flame didn’t burn any of their garments! :slight_smile: