Fixing bone structure birth defect

Greetings to the reader:)

I have recently become a practioner of yoga and I am beginning to add tantric practices to my regimen. I have become an avid consumer of EA’s videos and his statements of how reality fundamently works, are perfectly echoed in the teachings of my yogic guru.

However, I also feel very limited and weakened by my birth defect. It is called “Pectus excavatum” or “sunken sternum” in laymans terms. (See attached example photos) I daily feel the pain and tension of this defect, as it puts pressure on my lungs and heart, hampering my breath control, relaxation abilities, physical endurance, and it literally shoves my heart out of the center of my chest…

My question is, has anyone heard of a path to fix this? Is there any type of occult knowledge that can heal this deformity? I want to achieve my full potential, but living day by day with a caved-in chest is a sad state of existence. If nothing can alter this then I will accept my fate. But if there is some sort of occult entity out there who understands these things and how to fix them, I will do whatever it takes to change it.

Marbas specialises in the mechanical nature of the body, and of changing structures - if you do a search on hisa name on this forum you should find plenty of info, and his sigil and other information is also available online.

I was diagnosed as a child with clinical depression and told many times it could only be managed, never “cured” - and yet through acts of will, I cured it - while there may be slightly less opportunity for you to wake up and this is simply “fixed” a spirit should be able to mobilise your body’s own potential for growth and alteration, perhaps by suggesting dietary changes, exercises that are not part of the common schedule, or other things.

Raphel is an archangel who specializes in healing. I have heard stories of his miraculous intervention, perhaps you could commune with him and he could help you.

i did an evocation of Raphael to correct a skull problem i had. the left side of my skull was pressing against my brain and Raphael and his legions tended to my need to move the bone. what he did was ,slowly in 3 hour sessions over a couple days, destroy the layers of bone that were pressing against my skull and add new bone on top just under my skin.

i don’t know if he can help you as my problem was due to a childhood injury, and your seems to be something you were born with. but i do know that he has real power in these matters and can help you in some way. it may take a couple months of daily evocation to do it though.

Thank you very much for replying! I appreciate it guys:)