Fixing a physical problem - how?

Is it possible to repair damage done, such as from brain trauma, via magick? If so, how?

Abit about myself : I was afflicted by some sort issue that made me suddenly start acting in my sleep (violently damaging my head) for a period of a week, during that week I never left my room, yet I sustained 6-7 concussions in my room, and suffered life changing brain damage. It was relentless and I suffered more than a 100 blows to my head, as well as many heavy objects inexplicably dropping on my head.
After that week passed, just as suddenly as it came, the sleep movements no longer happened. However, I am left crippled and an empty shell. My life consists of merely staring at the ceiling, unable to go out, in pain and nausea 24/7. I am also on cognitive drugs to stay coherent and have suffered alot of damage.

I would do almost anything, put any amount of effort to go back to my original state before the onslaught of concussions because if not , I have to live in this almost bed ridden state. And because of my affliction, it is difficult for me to advance myself in magick as well, as everything begins with the mind.


My fellow magician I feel for your situation. Do this meditation and then PM me and I will help you further. I understand you have sustained damage but the brain is an amazing thing. Go see the film the Dead Zone based on the book The Dead Zone by Stephen King. There are areas of the brain that are so to speak dead zones until activated due to some situation. Also go see the film Dr. Strange.
You are far from helpless and you will become stronger and conquer your affliction. F.D.R. cured his paralysis by going into a room alone and focusing his mind on raw conquest of his affliction. I know 100% that this universe is you. I was diagnosed with learning disability. When I first had my experience with the Thoth/Mercury current through Merlin I learned the techniques to bypass the short term memory that was disfunctional and submit information directly to the long term for permanent storage effectively giving myself a photographic memory by default. But if I’m drinking forget about it. Lol

We can work through anything.