Five free relationship readings (today!)

I am offering five free relationship-readings today. :crystal_ball:
I will use a specific relationship-spread to look into this relationship.
It can be any kind of (human!) relationship - love, friends etc.
The spread I am using is about the relationship itself and your/their feelings and behavior towards it and each other.


  • If you want a reading, write a post into this thread. I will PM you.
  • It will only be five readings. If I do more, I’ll tell you in this thread or open a new one.
  • If I send you a PM, you should tell me your question as soon as possible (today!)
  • Please give me feedback after the reading.



I want a reading.


Hello @Lunia

I would love to have one please

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I would love one please

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Me too plzzz

Me, is a future reading available.

My tarot readings always focus on a specific situation and what I see about it - what’s going on and what could be done about it. In my opinion, everyone has an influence on their future.

And the readings I am offering in this topic are about a specific, existent relationship - it’s not about future relationships.

If you still want a reading, you can PM me.

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What about future of a relationship, as in i am in a relationship, but how will future of the relationship go will it lead to long term marriage etc etc

I think the future often depends on the now and how we handle current situations or feelings :slight_smile:

I know many people want to know what will happen for them in the future - but in my opinion it can not be said for certain because we and other people still have influence on it. What I see today, can be changed tomorrow because something can happen that was not in the cards. What will happen depends on so many things.
So my focus is on looking into the presence, a little into the past - and sometimes what COULD happen in the future - but mostly into what happens right now and what could be done about it. Its about becoming aware of the things we might not have seen and get the chance to work on it or see things more clearly.

I hope this is understandable.


I want :person_raising_hand:

May I ? If it’s still possible

I would like a reading then.

This thread can be closed. :slight_smile:

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