Five Free Readings!

Hello all!

I have been reading for nearly two years now and am looking to sharpen my skills. To do so, I am offering five free readings to the first five individuals to post in this thread. These readings will be done over private message.

I have a varied set of spreads that I will use (for details, just ask) and the deck that I will be using is the Thoth Deck.

So, post away and happy searching!

Reserving the first spot. ;D

I got the answers I was looking for earlier tonight, but good luck Drops! It’s always great to see new people trusting their abilities to public review.

I want to say that DropOfWater’s reading he did quickly and also surprised me by having quite much to say to my question.

Thank you DropsOfWater you sure can do readings that make me read through many times.

hello I’d like a free reading please, I pm you

Me :slight_smile: Please…

If there’s a spot left, I’d like a reading please

Me too please…if there is room. Thanks!

I would definitely be interested if you have the time

Johnny come come lately -_- lol

After keez, there will be no more readings until there’s an update in the thread.