Fitness thread

Ah, a Fitness thread. :muscle::crossed_swords:

Well, I started some special exercises one years ago, and my criterion was to most of them I have to do at home. At summer (June) will the end of this rush, and I taked a pic when I started it (the most reason of it was because a Demon Cosplay by the way):

Some months left and I will made a new one about results. THEN… I asked for help from Abaddon and Lucifer in Fitness, so from June, there will be much more and hopefully faster progress I can experience. :black_heart:

Plastic surgery

Hm, people should skip PSs I guess. Nothing can be better than a perfect, natural body. :leaves: :heartbeat:


Anyway thank ya…

And In how much time i could gain a weight and have a toned body

Give it 1 year. You need patience this is a lifetime Journey.

Even after you have accomplished your goal let’s say 2 years 3 years and then you just decide to stop right there, well if you stop you will lose muscle remember this is a life time Journey you have to do this all your life once you start.

It can be done in few hours actually. Tone the body and build up muscle that would need months and years to build in the gym. You don’t need to move a finger.

You only need to master your mind and allow it to take control of your entire system. I can’t reveal how it’s done unfortunately because I don’t have permission to do so. But it’s based only on meditation.

I remember last year, I did it and my neighbors were freaked out because of how I was completely changed to almost a different person lol In 24 hours all my clothes couldn’t fit anymore because I worked on it for about 6 hours, and that was way too much.

The only condition is that you need strong heart, any heart issues could cause problems. And after you build up your body you must eat well balanced food to keep those muscles up or they will fade out within a month max. And you shouldn’t repeat that meditation often or it could have side effects on your body.


Can you say who taught you this meditation?

Where can I look for it?

And how is the strength? Can you be a strong as someone who makes progress slowly in the gym by putting more weights on his exercises?

What you done there I believe you learn to speak with your body.
I heard about this before you can also speak with your hormones and go beyond limit building muscle, like someone on steroids but you’re still natural.

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I can only say this about where to find it : Shaolin Monks. That’s really all I can mention.

The meditation can be focused on building up the muscles or the strength of the nerves in your body. When you build up the muscles you will naturally gain strength. But some people don’t need more muscles, they only want or need strength for their nerves… the meditation can also do that. But only one type of strength at a time. You can meditate for your muscles or your nerves, not both at the same time because it needs concentration.

Yes absolutely. No difference in appearance and strength than exercising in the gym. Because you’re achieving the same effect but from a different path. Instead of focusing on the muscles and working on them, you focus on what builds them from within.

Yes exactly. That’s how it works. You basically communicate directly with your body and allow it to change itself to match how you want it to become. Without commanding, you simply concentrate on opening that channel between the mind and body and let all your system work until the image you want is formed.

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Should i go to a tample and ask for this meditation? Or get a book about Shaolin Monks?
If you cannot answer this question it’s okay do not answer I will further research my own and find out eventually.

Thank you sir! That helped me alot because this is something that I want to master to learn to speak with the living cells that make up my physical body

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You will not find it in books as far as I know. You would need to visit a temple and ask in person. They’re very friendly people and this is nothing compared to what they know and can do. They can really do miracles with their bodies that we can only dream about.

I wish I could be more helpful, thank you so much. Wish you all the best in your journey

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You mean we could change our body just by our own mind…


Any way i’ll ask a Demon for help

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Yes you can change your body just by your mind :slight_smile:

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Like Improving Skin Texture!?

Unfortunately I don’t know about that. I was talking about building muscle/mass for your body.

Ahh…Development of Facial Muscles and structure!?

Nope, no idea about that as well. Sorry. That practice is for the overall shape of your body. It can be used to concentrate the effect on specific part, for example the upper part or lower part of the body. But I don’t know if it would work on the facial muscles or not. But they’re affected naturally when you work on the body. The same way it happens when you exercise in the gym.

Ok I know this is not releated to fitness…but is it possible to learn a Skill as fast as possible…?

Like Dancing

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I understand what you mean. No it can’t be used for that. It’s specifically for the purpose I mentioned.

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