Fitness thread

For you I’d say at least do Jogging for at least 8 miles every morning… and I do say morning because its Brisk Cold and is great for optimizing your body temperature as you do heat up when running. Your body operates better when cooled, and thus inspires you to run faster to maintain temperature levels.

Then a daily regime of Calisthenics as you can do them anywhere; dont really need a Gym. You don’t need to go on any special diets especially since you said you are naturally skinny or whatever. Just a good Hearty diet of starches like oatmeal and rice to give you energy… and I cannot stress this enough…eat Plenty of Meat (in good amounts duh). I’ve noticed those populations who do eat meat over generations are generally healthier as in stronger bones, physical growth, and generally a healthier and and more powerful emotional constitution,

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Don’t worry, I ate half a deer today :smiley: I totally got this!
I’m gonna hit that dance school again :smiley:

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Dancing is alot of fun. What style?

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Haha, contemporary! Cowering in a corner totally artsy! Jumping with your hands on your face - totally artsy! Running away from a traffic sign - totally artsy :smiley: It’s so over the top and dramatic, I love it!

Interesting. I haven’t tried that as its been awhile since I took a dance class or went to the dance floor to do Salsa Dancing. I love those Latin Dances. One of these days I’d want to learn to Tango.

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I once marveled at an add from our local dance school for a merengue class. My S.O. only gave me THAT glare and I knew that it would be useless :smiley:
But dancing is great to improve that overall health I’m after since it demands a constant level of fitness and I will run out of excuses

It helps loosen one up; lets the creativity flow. Make him go dancing with you and tell him to “Shake that Shake…shake that shit”

Nah, man. Can’t even bring him to voguing, the most low maintenance moves ever.
But yeah, dancing brings you out of your comfort zone, another task I want to fulfill. I hate direct contact to other people but practicing those sick moves will force me to totally go on full contact.

I take multi vitamins, fish oils, glucosamine, proteins, BCAA and creatine monohydrate.



For those interested in becoming fit, but not particularly interested in the gym, I heartily recommend the 5 Rites of Rejuvenation, also called the 5 Tibetans. The exercises work on both the physical body and the energy bodies, so they will definitely benefit your magick, along with your physical flexibility and health. There are some older threads about them here on the forum, and they are also recommended in Donald Michael Craig’s book Modern Magick.


HA! That’s a delightfully wicked kettle bell. My sister was going to throw a 10lb kettle in the trash. She and her husband destroyed a golds gym treadmill because they could dissemble it to get out of the apartment. I asked for the Bell and she let me have it. It’s kind of nice. I might get some others. So for hand weights that are officially weights and not heavy tools for ripping up the field and brush:
1 10 lb kettle bell
2 2lb dumbbells
2 3lb dumbbells
4 5lb dumbbells (2 are for walking/running exercises)
2 10lb dumbbells
2 15lb dumbbells
2 20lb dumbbells
2 25lb dumbbells
1 30lb dumbbell
1 35lb dumbbell
1 40lb dumbbell

Only 2 25lb plates and plenty of 2.5, 5, and 10lb plates scattered about on equipment or weights I’ve created myself like a 30lb emulated sledge hammer, and out of old rusted bolt, 2 collars, and some plates I’ve made a couple 5lb hammers and a 10lb hammer. I made some wrist curl weights with center sleeve that rolls freely around the bar so while the sleeve is stationary the dumbbell and bar can spin or rotate freely without rolling the dumbbell onto my tiippy fingers.

I found this huge iron gear that weighs about 23 lbs. I pack it one handed like a mace around my walking circle. I do laps and switcharms. If you try to actually wield it higher with a flex you get more out of it than just hanging loose. Loops are 1 then 2 then 3, 4, 5 back down to 4,3,2,1. It’s actually 1 left, switch 1 right switch 2 left, switch 2 right… etc etc. takes anywhere from 45min to an hour to go for 1-5-1 loops. Then I do 200 walking lunges around the circle and then sometimes pick up the 18 lb galvanized pipe and do the loops again followed by another 200 walking lunges. That’s my general warm up at night to get me in the mood. Then I go to my yurt and do whatever.

I’ve built my small gym over time and I do love rubber exercise bands. When my universal broke I had to start those and I haven’t stopped. I don’t bench as I don’t have one. I do have a curling bar that I can do some standing lifts (whatever they’re called). I stopped doing upright rows with the bar and but do a similar exercis with the dumbbells. In face I tend to like dumbbells more because I can focus on one arm then switch that weight to the other hand and focus on it while giving the other a rest. By doing this I can do sets. Between sets of day arm curls I will do something else durning the rest like flex, stretch, maybe the bands, wrist curl, finger flex grips devices, plank, eh whatever so the arms can rest. Chest is tricky and basically just pushups, and free weight flies but my top weights are only 25s.

I could probably work out harder but I have to bike to town usually daily and there’s field yard work.

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Kettlebells are awesome, though that particular one looks a bit… impractical. I have a 10, 12, 16, 20 and 24 kg ones myself, though the higher 20-24kg ones I currently only use for two-handed swings and squats. Stepping up and down a cinderblock is pretty nice cardio too, and with a kettlebell in each hand can become quite challenging in higher reps…for me at least.

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I don’t do swings. When I lift kettle bells or barbells the motions are exaggerated slow for the most part with isometric flexing in Theresa well. It looks pretty funny with say a 2lb weight and is pretty difficult with say a 40lb. But I had 2 back surgeries myself for other reasons so that’s probably the reason. There’s a big upsurge in kettles but without a registered train guiding me on the basics I just won’t bother with swings.

Good mornings are another I won’t do.

“ Although Bruce Lee did not injure his back during a fight to decide whether he could teach all races martial arts (he injured it doing Good Mornings, an exercise that places the barbell on your shoulders and lean forward until your torso is 90 degrees with your legs, then repeat) the fight did take place and he did win …”

Back and abs and chest is what I should focus on more and there are a lot of muscle groups in that broad category. Since I do t lift heavy I don’t make massive Herculean gains. It’s more trim tbh and functional for my lifestyle.

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Ok so i should start posting on here because Summer’s just around the corner and maybe I can motivate some of you to stick to your Fitness goal!

Here is a great chest exercises in teaching from the man himself Kai Greene one of my favorite pro athletes.
I learned a lot from him just by watching his YouTube videos.

I know some people are going to say “this guy is on steroids, his not natty”
Its true! He is but he still needs the knowledge and to put in lots of work.

I know someone who took growth hormone and other types of steroids and he looks nothing like he lifts.
Because he tought that put in lots of work is not required .
He would go party drink alcohol and barely get any sleep.
He would come exhausted from work to work out most of the training was done by he’s workout body he was a natural, he’s buddy looked like a Greek god.
Now this guy he thought nutrition, hydration and sleep no longer is required.
Well he was wrong! Any way his choice.

Now please watch this video if you are interested to learn some Foundation knowledge about chest workout


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Best Kai Greene quote: I’ll never be a powerlifter. I’m a body builder."

Your body doesn’t know the number on the side of the plate. It only understands time under tension

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Can I Change my Physical appearance in 15 days
If i remained commited to myself

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15 days? Sorry pal… but you can only build 1 or 2 lbs of muscle in like 1 month.
It took me 5 years to make a decent transformation.
You need to put in hard work be consistent and be patient especially, when you lose motivation just remember why you started.

If you’re looking to lose weight depends how much body water you holding but normally for like the 20% body fat you would lose about 2 lb of fat per week the more leaner you get the harder it is to lose weight it will slow down to 0.5 lbs of fat at 15% bodyfat.
If you are about 30% body fat then you could lose about 4 or 5 lbs per week, still 15 days you can’t really tell the difference

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What If I took help of Demons
And i wanna Gain weight not lose
And in case of changing Apperance what about Plastic Surgery…
In How Much Time Plastic Surgery could change a person and at which level a change could be brought…

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Plastic surgery looks awful after a while and you can ask for the help of demons you still have to put in the work it still takes time.
Demons could help you with strength and motivation and knowledge