Fitness thread


Some motivation if you need.

I thought the thread was about getting in shape, not turning yourself into a walking testosterone Factory.

I personally hate going to the gym, all the meat heads up there give you shit if you’re not already a meathead, and then they bully you off the machines by making fun of your form the entire time.

This being the case, I’ve joined two separate gems, and I cancel my membership within a month because of the idiots that were up there. I never learned a single thing about how to properly work out, and every single time I went, there I wanted to bring a machete with me.

I basically just Bounce from machine to machine until I was either too embarrassed to continue, or the Meat Heads would show up and irritate me to the point of blind rage and I would leave for my own safety.

That said, it is true that we need to master the body. After all, what good is it to be a master of the astral planes if you can’t lift a 5 lb dumbbell? Perhaps if I can find somebody that doesn’t have the same generic advice, or a gym that tells people to keep their fucking mouth shut, maybe I’ll go back.

You can always work out at home, either with a weight set or bodyweight calisthenics. You can get amazing development through using your own body against gravity, and there are no meatheads involved :slight_smile:

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Huh, and what?

Let’s pretend for a moment that I don’t know a damn thing about the gym, other than what I’ve already stated, in fact, don’t pretend.

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You could feed from them with vampirism and take their drive and willpower. It would be pretty satisfying I think.

There’s a lot of good youtube videos that can instruct you

Well, I’m not interested in being a meathead, and psychically sucking these people dry would probably reduce my IQ by 80 points. I just want to get in shape, I don’t want to enter a bodybuilding competition.

Bodyweight calisthenics are exercises like pushups, pullups, squats, planks, bridges, dips, and burpees. They require little to no equipment and can be done anywhere.

They were used by the old school strongmen of the 20’s and 30’s and they had more symmetrical and powerful bodies that modern day bodybuilders could only dream of.


Ah, that makes sense.

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I thought burpees were a punishment, not an actual exercise.

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They only feel like a punishment. They are actually a very efficient exercise and work every muscle in your body including your heart and lungs. The trick is keeping proper form and not letting momentum take control.

Another basic program championed by a former wrestler and martial artist named Matt Furey, is composed of 3 exercises known as the Hindu pushup, the Hindu squat, and the back bridge (instructions are easily found via Google) The exercises are relatively simple to learn but build phenomenal strength and don’t require a lot of space.

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The thread is also about motivation videos of me or others I said.
Lots of people said that I motivate them watching me workout.

I never used any steroids in my life, I just stop making excuses and put in the work.

I my self I get lots of attention people point fingers at me and kinds calling to their parents when they see me.
for me it’s embarrassing just walking out my apartment or it was.
That doesn’t mean I am going to lock my self inside my home.

I just shut down my thoughts or they get the best of me and can make me paranoid and really aggressive
Like Lord Lucifer said " Control your thoughts and your feelings"
He said this to EA Koetting.

I suggest you go back to the gym and work on better ur self and not worry about the meatheads they are weak in the mind and soul.
And is hard for me to believe that they would stop during their workouts only to harass you.

Before you enter the gym meditate for good 20 min and control your thoughts and feelings
Listen to music and put in the work and control your thoughts you should know this alleredy as a magician.
And manifest the body you desire close your eyes during the work and visualize the muscle working.
You think that you look embarrassed
When you train?
Keep in mind even the bodybuilder Mr Olympia had to start somewhere we all start somewhere.
Spend only 45min in the gym for now
Then go home eat healthy and rest and work on your magick .

Or like @DarkestKnight said you can always work out at home.

Good Luck!


When you are stressed, your enemies multiply, when you are calm, the world becomes calm around you. Something along those lines.

I’ll go find a gym, I’m have to look online to find out what a workout plan is, as well as who mr. Olympia is, but it has to be done at some point.

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Mr Olympia is the most gifted bodybuilder in the world .

Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of them he won the Olympia 7 years in row with out being defeated then he step down and became an actor.

He said he was really skinny and people use to lough at his calves

But he used that as a motivation and and fuel him to become this

Like I said everyone starts somewhere
Arnold took steroids but he still had to put in the lots of work and manifest his body desired

You need to workout, lest you fall into the cursed trap of growing Lactating Soy Manboobs. =) joking aside… Some things that help me out with some of the same problems you have:

  1. I usually prefer to go at a late hour or a time when there is less people in the gym. This almost gaurantees. That I can use machines and free weights without some Dufus taking up my space and time. I dont mind sharing, but it sucks when you have to wait on someone and they monopolize.

  2. Yes Meditation and Focus. All Athletes get into an Intense State of Focus when performing… This is called “The Flow State.” Its not as simple as quieting your mind there is a real trick to it. I say use Magick to grow a 1-Track Obsessive Focus so you can Power through ALL your goals.

  3. Who knows…maybe do magick to do some Room Clearing so you have breathing space at the Gym. Show them what True Satanic Power feels like.

On the side…As for nutrition I just purchased a couple good multi-vitamins and fish oils. Beast Creature what supplements you use? I take GNC’s Fish Oils, Their Megamens Vitamin energy packets of vitamins, and Green Vibrance Green Superfood.

So I will supplement with protein powder here and there. I decided to go on a Sashimi (sushi salmon without rice) to cut back, with a little brown rice ans every now and them a little chicken or beef.

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Since my S.O. tried to motivate my lazy ass to hit the gym (he lost roughly 80 pounds in the last two years and I adore his persistence to stay in shape) I’ll gonna get my share of fitness after we moved. Pls send prayers.


I prefer to be with a girl who is into fitness or at least does something. This tells me that even if she does gain any weight that she will have had the initial foundation/motivation to Lose it vs someone who already is unhealthy and has no motivation. Ontop of that, such a partner would act as a upward spiral so we could motivate each other. Group motivation can be good at times.

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My body fakes that I’m totally fit since I own the good family DNA of never gaining weight (which is increased by an illness of mine). But since I am not the healthiest being on this planet I have to do something about it :frowning:

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