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My muscles say otherwise

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I guess not bad for a 120lbs dude benching 225lbs

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For knees you can start taking fish oil supplements. I started this and in about a month I noticed significant improvement and now I rarely have any knee pains.

The trick with bending your knees is keeping your toes out, you got to be able to see them at all times. This way your upper legs and ass are doing the work instead of your knees.
It takes practice but I learned how to do it going up stairs too and it did wonders for my balance.

im just going to ask what is the best for someone who cant get to a gym

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Swim if you can bike outside if you can hike if you can, and workout at home with some push ups get a stretching band

And kettlebell
And this should help with full body routine

I hope this helps :grinning:

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ok thanks

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I’m vegetarian, so I can’t.

I already do that and it doesn’t help unfortunately.




That’s Vegan not Vegetarian.
Here’s a Vegan fish oil

I’m noticing a trend lol. You find anything to say so you can’t do it.

If you take this, after a month you should beable to do very light stretching. Also if your knees are this extreme then ya you need a doctor to advise what you can do to improve the muscles or you will eventually be in a chair :confused:

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No, it’s not.
Vegetarians don’t eat any dead animals (fish are animals, so vegetarians don’t eat them). Vegans also don’t eat dairy and eggs.

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No, I just know what my knees can and can’t do.

I have been to a doctor. My right knee needs an operation.

This is true however Vegetarians do use and eat by products such as what you mentioned as well as Fish Oil.
Due to dietary limitations and annoying people never leaving me alone about it, I had to do research on it :sweat_smile:

There are, of course, different Vegetarians and personal preferences but this is the generic differences.
But what I linked is “Vegan” so should be helpful for any kind of Vegetarian.
Taking fish oil did prevent friends of mine needing operations and did keep me from using a cane, this is why I bring it up and push for you to not blow it off. I’m not trying to down play any issues you might have, honestly, or your choices for how you eat.

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The link didn’t work for me unfortunately. I’ll do a search and try to find something.

Really? Blimey. Ok, thanks. I guess it’s worth a try then!

I didn’t think it would help that much either till I saw it myself so I totally understand.

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New great shoulder routine.
Do this triple set with out breaks in between

Seated db Shoulder press 12 reps
Seted db bend over rear delt flys 12 reps
Seated plate front raises 12 reps


Glutamine? Protein?? Creatine??? :scream:
:face_with_raised_eyebrow: They are steroids, man! THEY ARE STEROIDS!!!
Nobody should offer steroids to lil kids!!!

:joy: :joy: :rofl:

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Ahahah no they not! This stuff you can find in food.
And oral taking steroids is not as effective, the needle is needed

I was just trying to be sarcastic :disappointed:

I know they ain’t juice :laughing:

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Oh my bad, I met some ppl that said proteins powder is steroids

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