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I know that Mars is good to work with for goals in fitness, but what else?

@AdamThoth i know this has been an interest of yours, what’s up your sleeve?


I am a keen runner myself and often find the miles and alone time makes for the best and most effective meditation.


Leraje of the Goetia can help improve physical strength and endurance. I evoked him a few months back, and it’s been one of those where the results gradually unfold over time. I’m not a huge fitness guy so I don’t pay it too much attention, but it does seem that my efforts have been pretty effective even though they are relatively minimal, just yoga twice a week along with daily walks.

My strength and flexibility have improved a good deal, which I suppose is to be expected, but progress does feel swift. A somewhat more subtle result has been the improvement of my eating habits. I’ll cook a good meal with lots of veggies and chicken 2-3 times a week, with enough leftovers for another meal. I eat fruit a lot for breakfast/lunch/snacks, and generally have found that I am less interested in greasy or other unhealthy foods.

Don’t get me wrong, I do still enjoy a weekly pizza or big burger with fries and soda, but it takes me very little effort now to limit such meals while still taking full pleasure when I indulge. I think my overall mindset towards health and fitness has been what has changed the most, and reflecting back now it’s made my life better in many ways, as one would expect.

So yeah, would recommend Leraje (pronounced LEH-RAY-EH), great spirit :muscle:


You can also do pore breathing to cultivate qi while you’re running. I can eke our a few more laps and feel stronger and less tired if I breathe in cosmic qi while I’m running, and get rid of a stitch, ease breathing and help legs feel stronger by directing the gathered energy with my mind on the out breath.

I used to worry it was ‘cheating’, but found that body then gets a chance to recover better and I gain faster because I had a better workout. :slight_smile:



As Robert Greene says, worship Athena not Ares.
By this I mean be wise and strategic about diet and workout. Develop a plan for your fitness that includes both diet and exercise.
You can have the most intense abominal workout imaginable but if you can’t put down the Boston Crème pie you’re never going to look like you belong to a club that you’re not supposed to talk about.
how_much_does_brad_pitt_weigh_in_fightclub_shirtless_mwgmedia a look
Also there are many gods out there that are in the current of athletics just do a bit of looking Hermes of course comes to mind.


Hmm. I tend to eat a lot. So I’ll probably want something that keeps me from eating too much yet tastes good. iirc protien shakes and protein bars are designed in such a way that it feels like you’re full to keep you from eating too much, right? Time to consult Google, the divine Oracle.

BINGO, haha!
Wait… what happens it theres too much intake?

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Ok, so if i take the 56g of protein limit a day+exercise it should be ok. I just have to do a little math and common sense.

I just stick to meats and vegetables and try to avoid too many carbohydrates like bread and rice.

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I cant stand vegetables, so im trying to go by fruits and other alternatives. Plus the occasional salad with chicken on it. I refuse to have my chicken taken.

One thing i will say, is ive been getting weird stuff like lower chest pains and other allergy type stuff that’s kind of scary. It put my life into perspective so i decided to take my health more seriously starting today. I got on the treadmill for 12-15 minutes. I felt so sluggish but when i cooled off, i felt so much better. And happier. Granted my chest still hurts but i can actually withstand it.

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If you are having chest pains you should see a Doctor.

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56 grams of protein is not enough for any normal non screwed up decent healthy person who exercises even lightly. finger banging a cellphone and taking a shit could burn through that if intense enough(just exaggerating lol). That’s damn near putting you in starvation mode and eventually you will stuff your face out of hunger and it will be shit food and massive amounts of simple carbs/sugars it’s inevitable. The body will go for whatever satiates it faster and tastes amazing(sweet and salty) to make you eat more than you normally would gaining back what you’ve worked hard to lose and/or maintain. Sometimes you’ll gain more than you lost. Yoyo weight screws your health up hardcore over time.

Figure out your lean mass weight and the rest is simple.
Example 200lb lean weight

Light exercise & cardio around an hour:
Min protein 100-120 grams
fats around 50-60 grams
S.S. don’t go above 200 grams

Moderate exercise & cardio 1.5-2 hours:
Protein 180-200 grams
Fat 90-100 grams
S.S. don’t go above 200 grams

Power lifting/bodybuilding & cardio 2+ hours:
Protein 250-300 grams
Fat. 120-150 grams
S.S. don’t go above 300 grams

Keep your heart rate around 120-140 bpm to strip the sugar out of your blood with 20-30 minutes of moderate intensity cardio, stay hydrated and you’ll shrink fat cells easily when combined with lifting. A lean healthy body happens in the kitchen that’s where the magic really is. Oh and find a protein powder that you love the taste and doesn’t give you indigestion and heartburn cause that happens sometimes. I always point people towards isolate and blended protein powder focusing on isolate and egg. Start with a whole food diet first and when that’s not enough aka always hungry incorporate the powder. Anytime you feel hungry drink 8-12oz of water and wait 20-30 minutes if you’re still hungry eat if not you were thirsty. Also, don’t eat to be full eat until you start feeling full then stop and you got leftovers for a healthy snack later. If you’re diabetic DO NOT do anything I said protein wise you can get hurt or might die from too much protein intake that situation I’d go to a dietician. Yoyo your insulin and crash you’ll look like you’re at an epileptic techno party foaming out the mouth. So, please anyone with health issues affected by dieting hit up a dietician. The right one can change your life in amazing ways with food.


If i had the money for it i would. When i got kicked out i lost any health insurance i previously had.

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Sorry to hear that.

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It is what it is. Im looking into programs and stuff for that.

Nothing i cant handle.

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Thank you @Donaldf973 thats actually pretty helpful.

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