Fitness as Ritual

I believe exercise to be a great grounding technique.
Training the flesh. Willing it to your desire. A magical process. I believe physical training of any kind is such a solid way of acknowledging and building intent, discipline and work. I see willing yourself and discipline as being like meditation. Defying our natural inclination to atrophy. Will yourself to the gym, then to force the effort into your true will … each time you do this, you are building insane amounts of energy . Does anyone else utilize this process in there practice? I charge items, tools,sigils, and give offerings to entities while doing fitness . I treat the whole process as a ritual with GREAT results. It’s like a triafecta for me . I build energy , I give energy , and I ground . Definitely an act utilizing mind, body , and spirit. Everything from the gym attire to the water I drink is emplimented in my daily ritual. Does anyone else use this sacred act in there process? If so can you elaborate on your practice , and how your experience with it is ? Thank you all for reading.


I think it’s an incredible idea. I also recommend using alchemical processes while eating for insane benefit. Similar to this.


AW HELL YES you are speaking my language here. I find exercising is an important component of my spiritual and mental health. While exercising, sometimes my mind goes somewhere else, like, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the show Battlestar Galactica but its similar (though not quite as pronounced) as the Cylon Projection ability - where they can literally overlay their entire environment with the surroundings they choose. More often than not I’m in a forest walking around. When I’m hyperfocused, I often see my higher self performing rituals in the woods or the gods I work with there.

Exercising can be used as an offering to the gods as well, praising the bodies we were born with. I think this is a great post, and I wish more people would talk about this!

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Battle star Galactica was the truth brother. Thank you for the kind words duskwalker . I believe your picking up what I’m putting down. Thank you for the reply. I was sure this post was a dud lol. I was positive other magicians would be able to see the value here. Look at my boy Nolan added as well about injecting dark alchemy in the food while preparing it.

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Hey it happens, I’ve made a few posts where I’m like… I THOUGHT SOMEONE WOULD FIND THIS USEFUL!

But yeah, I am absolutely picking up what you’re putting down. We can honor the gods by honoring ourselves. And we can honor ourselves by taking care of ourselves. I hear you loud and clear. Keep kickin’ ass!

I’ll be rootin for ya my dude!

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Exercises is one of the most important things you can do.

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