First time working with Sargatanas! Cool :D

Lol, I think I evoked him like week ago, and today I see one girl looking at me, I think she likes me, I like her too, I asked Sargatanas for different girl but I am really grateful for this one too, I don’t know is this coincidence or what… :slight_smile: I hope it is not! Thank you Sargatanas! Tell me what you think!

Congrats. How did you evoke him?

Hmmm, I was just listening to his enn and looking at his sigil at youtube, while I was saying it aloud :slight_smile: I am not sure did I evoke him :slight_smile: I hope I did.

The sigil started dissapearing so I said my request :slight_smile:

Tell me what you think guys!!!

I say you should believe that it worked. It will be respectful this way that you acknowledge all the work he put in for you. Stop doubting.

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Okay thanks

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