First Time scanning (CLOSED)

Felt surprised with the tag hahaha. Have to agree that not a lot of people know me here because I’m quite inactive and the members who do know me are also inactive like me lol.

I think my name popped up because of me speaking with you lately? It’s natural though, especially since you’re a beginner at scanning. Don’t get discouraged and like the previous advice has said, practice BUT take a break when needed. Goodluck with the rest of the scans and please take care of yourself while doing so! :slight_smile:


Lol yeah maybe that’s why sorry about that and yeah I’ll keep practicing and taking a break when needed and I think right now is the time for me to take a break so imma take it until I have felt better then I’ll do the scanning. I’m sure I’ll be accurate when I have felt much better mentally and physically


i saw a wedding and i kept seeing flowers also a goddess with lots of nature and flower. I saw a purple blanket and i saw the groom was bald for some reason and i don’t know why but i kept hearing the song baby by maddison beer so maybe listen to the lyrics to that it might relate to something with you. I didnt see anything further than that.

Are you maybe working with a greek goddess that is associted with nature like maybe Persephone.