First time in my life belial call

I’ll work with her for the first time, And when the ritual is over, will I be angry at exiling her, I wrote to one girl I don’t think she will answer, She has 1k followers not famous and probably dm box full, Can you help me with I think she can reply to my message and introduce me to her, I hear the name belial in my mind and I feel like she’s real skin next to me, I think I can really work with her, I found a book calling her, but the words calling her are in English, It changes slightly when translated into Turkish, but the meanings are the same, I’ll write the developments

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Is this going to be a journal? Would you like it moved to the journals section?

Yes, maybe

It’s been moved :bouquet:

I’m going to be working with Belial in a few days, he is a great, just and fair entity. You’ll get out what you put in. and I wish you luck. Also Lady Eva has tons of posts published working with that great man

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