First time evoking Sitri and something went wrong?

Hi all!

So there’s this guy I really like who admitted he likes me too, and we’ve been talking nonstop for about 2 months now. I mean like staying up every night until 5 in the morning playing video games and talking. We’ve known each other for about a year.

I really liked the way things were going up until now. About a week or so ago I called on Sitri for the first time. Some background, I’m fairly new to magick and I’m not really that experienced with evocations but I’ve done a few for Lucifer and one for King Paimon. I think my astral senses are still to the point where I can’t see or hear, but occasionally I can feel a presence, which is a big step up for me. Anyway, I asked Sitri to basically allow things to stay smooth sailing and for him to eventually fall in love with me.

BUT, I believe a few days after the evocation everything with the guy suddenly came to a halt. He suddenly is never around and doesn’t message me anymore. I waited around for a few days but finally yesterday I asked if he’s just been busy or what. He said yes and told me about some things he’s been doing, but nobody is THAT busy where they can’t take 2 seconds to say hi or something…

Can anyone maybe shed some light on this? I’m so confused and very upset and I want to know how I can fix it. For Sitri’s evocation I set out his sigil, chanted his enn, set out some cherries for him (I read somewhere that he likes cherries), and rose incense. I of course was very respectful to him and didn’t ask him for any huge tasks or boss him around or anything.

Should I wait it out some more and trust that he’s working on it? Or should I try calling someone else? Or maybe if someone would be so kind and call him for me to see what’s up? I keep having this feeling that something is going to happen in September, but I don’t know if its good or bad or even related to this situation at all.

Thanks so much!!

Sitri is for lust I think

In my opinion you should wait some time and then if it doesn’t bring any results, you should try to call a different being or try a different method and if it still doesn’t work, that might be a sign that for some reasons it can’t be achieved.

Yeah I think that’s what I’m going to do, wait it out and see. Thanks!

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I did also ask Sitri to make him lustful towards me but it was a mix of that and other things like passion love etc.