First time doing DOM connective evocation

Any tips on performing the Connective Evocation(Ritual 2) from Demons of Magick? I am nervous to do cause I have never heard ANY entities voice before so this is something brand new for me!

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#Tip - Just do it


This rite will not give you clairaudience just because.

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Hi @Jetsetrose

I would recommend you read some threads by @Norski if you haven’t yet, he talks about this book and all his topics have been super useful for me.

In general I would recommend what I wrote to someone else some days ago:

I would totally recommend you make a cheat sheet while reading the book. DoM is great but I have the impression the info for the complete ritual is slightly scattered and you need to read with attention to get it all fine.

What I did:

Opened a doc in the computer, wrote in bold what I have to say, in italic what I have to feel/think/look at during the ritual… made a detailed structure for the whole ritual, then I’ll be changing the details of Shem angels, petition etc for each demon, but the structure remains. It helps a lot to memorize the ritual. There’s a video in YouTube from Jareth Tempest, going about it, I would not recommend it as the sole source for this ritual of course, but as some help to study or remember it. I think to know it by heart, to not doubt so that you don’t break the Magickal feeling looking at papers every 2 min is important, so that you can stay in the state.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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