First teacher

i whant to call my fist spirit any ideas

My money is on your most common answer to be Lucifer/Belith tied for first followed by Azazel

I personally think it depends on what you’re looking to learn. What exactly do you want to learn because i have a ton of off the wall suggestions for beginners


well i never done this before so im not to shoure

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Well. What do you want to start with. You have to at least have an idea

maby to get more money for a start or help me learn black magic

For money my personal suggestion is Mammon. Have AMAZING results with him. For Magick it really depends. If you’re extremely new then yeah most likely Lucifer would be best. I personally prefer Lady Delepitore since she’s the demoness of sorcery enlightment. Just my thoughts


ok i will try to do some looking into mammon sice mony is my big one and i see lucifer come up alot so maby i should look him up too and thanks

You should call on Uriel. He’s gr8

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Uriel is also a fine suggestion. I have very little experience with angels though so i didn’t suggest any

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Even if you just want to talk, he’s great,

I haven’t “worked” with many angels yet, I just talk to them.

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also is it bad if you try to draw the sigil you mess up a lil

So, with sigil it’s literally do your best. Its the intent that matters. I don’t use sigil, i use Enn’s and “fishing” but I’ve been doing this for a while and did my first successful evocation at 13

thank you i will try too call to him tonight any tips

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Go for it. Good luck. Have fun. My experience with Mammon says that gold candles will catch his interest since all he’s asked of me as an offering has been gold. I ended up giving him a cursed gold ring i hand crafted for a past lover as our contract piece and he absolutely loved it. Make sure you’re respectful and very well mannered with him. To me he has a rather subtle feel for a demonic so keep that in mind


thanks i try to be that way anyway and should i devote a week to him

Your choice. Just go with the flow on it. He’s rather patient so if you have issues on the pickup he shouldn’t be too hard on you. Work with him in his way, but don’t be a pushover. Would love to hear what experiences you have

i will give it a shot when i have the gold candles and i will see if i can make a post

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i will see what i can find on him even if im haveing a hard time

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You don’t even need gold candles, he just responds well to gold since he’s head of treasury. You can use standard candles for now. Its the intent that’s important. I drew him in my first time with a raggedy ass black candle

he’s all about helping you find your purpose to end your reincarnation cycle.