First Summoning: B U E R

Hello, I’ve been following the youtube channel for several months now which lead me to buy a copy of the Goetia. After a few thorough read-thrus, I’ve decided the first demonic spirit I’d like to work with is Buer.

My intentions are to cure STIs and a few other ailments I’ve picked up along the way. I believe I was drawn to Buer first because it would be necessary to cure these distempers before practicing any love spells or sex magick.

There are plenty of website available for what to acquire before summoning Buer, I guess the reason I’m here is to get advice on the ritual preparation and process. My biggest concern is working with Mercury since it can be extremely toxic and even life-threatening. I’m also unsure on what to do with the mercury, or how it is offered to Buer. I remember Orlee Stewart mentioning in a video that it’s good to make the demon’s sigil out of the assigned element. Maybe I could find a pre-made Buer sigil out of mercury to purchase safely?

Any and all advice is much appreciated. I’m planning on scheduling my ritual for early May since that’s his strongest time frame, also that gives me plenty of time to prepare for my ritual.

Thank you in advance, and for your time. Much appreciated.


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Very interesting,

I haven’t evoked any of the goetia yet, but I’m also planning on evoking Buer first because he came to me in a dream a few years ago.

Ironically I’m planning on doing so in the same month: May.

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You may trace Buer’s sigil in violet over a sheet of paper, or fill the background of this color, instead of using mercury for its making.

You’d have to make an amalgam or alloy with mercury and another metal, because mercury by itself is liquid at room temperature.

It is not necessary to cast a talisman out of metal in order to work with a Goetic spirit, however. Printer paper and a black sharpie work just fine.


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I have moved this post to the Spirit section since it is asking specifically about the requirements for Buer.


Thank you for the info!

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