First summon

Well I finally did it. I started the summoning for my very first demon. I named him Isaac, and I tweaked the summoning a bit too, but it was a success. Although I didn’t know it would be like a complex mechanism. I might just call this Ars Magus type summoning and wait for my results to bare fruit.

And if you don’t know what Ars Magus is, it’s basically Magic Formula from BlazBlue that allows humans to use magic with a Grimoire that’s produced from a cauldron. And Grimoires are not always in book form so that’s a plus


Nice work! Keep it coming :smiley:

You know it. Mustered up a lot of courage to do this so it’s a bit big for me


This looks anime based. Is that correct (or correct enough)?


Somewhat. I just used whatever useful things I could get from Blazblue.

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That’s cool. Thanks for clarifying and congrats on the success.

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My biggest inspiration was Nine the Phantom. A master of magic and developed the Ars Magus System to defeat the Black Beast. Part of the help was from Yuuki Terumi (actually the soul of Takehaya Susanoo) albeit reluctantly in this case. Anyways she’s brilliant and I admire her for that even if she’s a fictional character hellbent on destroying Master Unit: Amaterasu.

I don’t partake, but congrats.