First successful evocation?, and thank you Bune

First off, I wanna give a huge shoutout to @LuciusOfficial for his journals and the impact that it’s had on me throughout the last few months. Thanks again, brother!

Now then, I just summoned Duchess Bune and asked her to bring me some money back into me that’s owed and etc. After calling on her, I asked for a sign that she was there. I then saw a bright light flash a few times out of the corner of my left eye which only got even brighter. I then looked over to my left and on the wall I saw the forming of a silhouette that looked like of a young petite woman. I also felt the energy around me serge and took both of these as signs that she had come. It felt like a light fire and gentle energy around me. I then charged the sigil with my blood and saw myself in the universe surrounded with those who owed me money as I continued to charge the sigil with my energy. Focusing all those around me into the sigil to make it powerful. I then burned the sigil and offered it to her. I could also hear a faint voice in the corner of my head saying that she would help me. She told me that I could expect results within several hours to a few days. I’ll keep an update on here within the next days if anything happens.

Thank you, Duchess Bune, and thank you again, Morningstar.


How did you prepare for the ritual? Can you share details of the steps you took?

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I just used my universal circle with my altar, having some incense, I used a red candle cause wasn’t to sure on what color and used black magic incense since I didn’t have sandlewood. A burning bowl, dagger, tool to draw blood, and the enn.

I centered myself and then chanted her enn until I felt her presence. Asked for her confirmation, offered both; the incense and blood that I placed several drops on her sigil. Made the declaration to her and placed my right hand over the sigil and charged it. I then declared the offering hers and burned it in the offering bowl. Thanked her and ended the ritual.

Other then that, I didn’t really do anything excentric.

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