First success

This is going to be a long one:

  1. Marquis Orias - My attempt to build a relationship with him is successful. I had communication which I tried and it comes in at anytime and every time and esp when I am only just thinking about him. EVERY DAMN WORD HAS BEEN POSITIVE and not my intrusive thoughts. MARQUIS ORIAS - MY ALLY AND MY DEAREST FRIEND. THANK YOU :heart::kiss:

  2. Duchess Bune - I had a ginormous tax deduction that happened , which was so disheartening but then I got a call from home and my brother made such enormous profit that he asked if I needed money. When I laughingly told him a ridiculous amount he said OK DONE. It’s out-effing-standing really, THANK YOU DUCHESS BUNE - :heart::kiss: I have more than the exact amount I asked for in less than 25 days of my disappointment. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

  3. EARL FURFUR - I had asked him for something regarding a SP, however I wanted dream communication and I prefer that coz I Rem what I hear more than what I see. My first clair choice would clairaudience. I was hoping and I kept telling Earl Furfur to talk to me regarding the situation in my dream on 6th March.

This was awesome. Way more than awesome. THANK YOU EARL FURFUR - for letting me know his situation too which I had no idea was like that.

  1. LUCIFER - I was advised by another practitioner to maintain a dream journal which I do however this one dream happened during a nap time. I was returning in the cab and for 15-20 mins I dozed off. Power nap. Lucifers words rang in my ears with 0 visuals. He said - YOU DONT NEED ANYONE TO HELP YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT. DONT EVER FEEL ANYONE IS ABOVE YOU. YOU ARE NOT MEDIOCRE. YOU NEED TO KNOW EVERY REBUKE WILL ONLY OPEN YOUR EYES WIDER TO YOUR OWN POWER. USE YOUR ENVY AND ANGER THE RIGHT WAY. IF YOU FEEL SOMEONE IS IN YOUR WAY, DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT. IM WATCHING.

I cannot guarantee it Lucifer, so I asked and asked and asked till the next day when I was asking again but no reply. Finally in the evening while on my laptop finishing a test, I saw an ad which said YOU ALREADY KNOW ITS ME. And immediately within seconds my flatmate came in the room asking me HAVE YOU SEEN LUCIFER? No coincidence. It is him. I flipped a coin as well for yes/no and Twas YES

I am so ecstatic still and so so proud of myself. I didn’t come this far only to come this far and be rebuked by others. It true, every disappointment and door shutting in your face it only opens your eye to your own potential. I CANT THANK THEM ENOUGH. My journey has been great and it’s going to be even better with the allies and support I have managed to gain.

Anyone else who contributed to my journey - Thank you very much :cherry_blossom:
Anyone who tried to shut me down - THANK YOU lol

@verdo suggested to create a separate thread so did it.



Its always very cool to read success stories from beginners because it shows that a breakthrough is possible.
Congratulations on your successes :partying_face:

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Tysm :pray:t2::blossom:

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Tysm :cherry_blossom:

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Had to mention DUKE SALLOS

My petition did work coz the opposite happened. I read it here somewhere that when there is past attachments and resistance then the opposite happens sometimes. So yes thank you DUKE SALLOS, every outcome is rich knowledge and shows where the practitioner stands. It is all now coming together when I look back in retrospect and understand it.
The fact that I am connected well with my little clairaudient ability to these entities is a great achievement for me. Hope this gives tonnes of reassurance to whoever needs it.


Good for you. Successes are important to help keep us going when the road looks long. Keep up the good work.

You may consider keeping a “journal” here to document your journey and gnosis you’re willing to share.


Absolutely. Great idea.

Thank you so much :blush: @anon39079500

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…as you should be!!! Great job, thanks for sharing your journey here. It’s always nice to see the growth of the members here :relaxed:


Thank you so much @QueenMustang

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