First success with Star of Lucifer/stellar eye

Im new to everything,as in 3months new.Im not sure what excited me the most, the fact that it worked or that it was my first experiance feeling Lucifers presence . WOW, It was a very calm soothing feeling and i was just engulfed in as a huge bluish white dragon eye just blazing.I continued Lucifers enn breathing in his energy then exhaling my energy to him. The energy became so imtense i became arosed, it was a well earned experience and im greatful to Lucifer for it. Im certian this is the beggining of much to come,i can steal feel the energy but im sensitive to ones energy,vibes,ect. When the bluish white dragon eye turnd black as coal it was over, might repeat The Star of Lucifer agian tonight. Trying to build myself up for evocation.