First steps and general LHP instructions


I’m Gabriel, but you might address me as Grimnir. I’m someone who has developed an increasing interest in the occult through the past two years, as well as my first contacts with it. Still haven’t had any real experience, though.

These first contacts came with Trismegistus’ and Thomas Karlsson’s works after a series of reading of Nietzsche, Heiddeger, Plotinus, Plato, Jung, Evola and other writers. From there, I began to have a deeper interest in Draconism, Qliphoth, Vajrayana, Advaita Vedanta and Shaivism. I am also curious about numerology, tarot and how they work, as they showed me inner facts that I’ve never shown to anybody.

As I said, never really practiced anything, because even though I have read a lot about the LHP’s philosophy, I don’t really know where to start. Since I’m unemployed as of now I would like to begin with things which don’t demand instruments. I’m looking forward to starting my kundalini and go through the qliphoth.

So, I’d like to know what I need beforehand. What to do? What should I expect? And how to balance your time between social life and occult studies? I know I asked a lot, but that’s because I believe I still am at the ‘’surface’’ of it all. Thanks in advance, because I usually spend a lot of time far from my pc, so please, don’t mind if I only answer in a week. Feel free to recommend books, links and etc.

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Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As for how to get started, decide what area of magick you want to focus on first, and use the search function in the upper right. We have a lot of great beginner resources on almost every aspect of magick, though there is mainly a heavy emphasis on evocation, which is the summoning of spirits.

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