First spirit to open astral senses and chakras (Sastan)?

I’ve been lurking on here a while now, reading all the posts and slowly being swayed from my dogmatic views on demons and what they might offer.

I’m finally ready to make the jump and try this for myself. Before I try with the the top guys like Lucifer or Belial is there a much a entity I could call on to help me open up my senses and chakras?

I can’t remember fully but there was one called Sastan? From one of EA’s older books.

Any recommendations?, I wanna take this easy and gain confidence with working with spirits before getting deeper.

There is and he can help with exactly that.

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Ok cool.

To my next question a bit of a long shot but has anyone worked with Sastan and what results did you get?

I’m checking the search and there info there :slight_smile:

I tried to work with him. But I got no results. I guess I did something wrong.

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If you don’t get what you want you can always try to open them your self there are books and posts about it.

The author Robert Bruce covers energy work and chakra work from what i know.


My clauriadience sucks. That being said, I’m new at this and haven’t been doing my exercises as I should. So that’s not on Sastan, that’s on me.

Sastan doesn’t “open” the senses. Your senses are already open. What he helps with is developing them. You will still have to practice the necessary techniques, like scrying, but think of Sastan as the personal trainer.

In the evocation course, EA has the student start with Sastan, then Paralda, the elemental king of Air, and then Mespitahl for development of the vision and the voice.