First sign in something

I was chilling in my house really stoned and heard some skweaking doors and thumps got kinda sketched so I ran outside like a pussy no clue what to do

It’s probably just an entity trying to let you know it’s there, or it’s trying to make contact with you. You’ll be fine if it doesn’t seem like it’ll hurt you.

You could try banishing it if it truly bothers you. Maybe say something like “Thank you for visiting, but I’d like to kindly ask you to leave.” If that doesn’t work, gather up some courage and say “I command you to leave!”

Also, there’s always the option of trying to learn about the entity. A lot of people get rid of there fears when they learn about their fear. For an example, Billybob Joebob is afraid of spiders, but then he reads fun facts about them, and now he doesn’t feel as scared of spiders as he was before.