First Sigil Magick Experience

Hey ya’ll… so long story short, after passively reading about the occult for ages, today I finally got round to some practice using a sigil. It was Andromalius’ sigil, as some fucker has stolen our lawn mower robot (smh, seriously) and a coulple of my packages from darknet were way overdue so that I started to worry as for their whereabouts.

I meditated on the sigil, saw the lines flash etc, stated my intentions. You know the drill. Afterwards I left it out with a candle and an offering, planning on keeping the sigil until its purpose is fulfilled and the items I asked to be returned got back to me.

Little did I know, the wind blew the paper with the sigil onto the candle and it burned, and left a burn mark on my carpet in the process :))) Hashtag first world problems. Good sign? Bad sign? Not a sign at all and I should just keep my windows shut? :smiley: Any thoughts are most welcome

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Some people burn sigils after using them to release the energy anyway. I’d take it to mean it’ll likely succeed.


Thank you! Time will tell

Update: The lawnmower has been miraculously found, and the packages received :smiley: hail Andromalius!